Amid this Covid-19 outbreak almost many countries have opted for lock-down to protect people around the world and to break the chain of the virus, stopping it from infecting more people. Most of aggressive countries like United States, Europe countries, and India etc are affected much; in fact we can say the coronavirus has spread to almost 209 countries and territories around the world.

During this phase of pandemic the only good thing as a responsible citizen we can do is to stop spreading of the virus and the only way we can implement it is by following the guidelines and measures taken by the government of a respective state and of a country and staying  at home by maintaining a social distancing . As this is a quarantine phase most of them feel bored at home especially when you are single at home.

Let us see 10 ideas to cheer up yourself in this quarantine phase and keep motivating and entertaining yourself as well as the family members, kids around you.

  1. Clean and decorate your home: Since you have got a lot of days to spend at home, working remotely for office you can help your mother in doing household chores like cooking, dusting, washing the clothes etc. This is the perfect time to decorate your room and home beautifully and attractively.
  2. Start a blog or journal : Start your own blog or journal of niche which you are interested, of course it can be on corona virus too or anything related to health, beauty , shopping haul , cooking , interior decorative ideas, sports , gossips or happenings around the world and share your views and knowledge with the world.
  3. Movies: Watch all the movies which you like by selecting different zones like suspense, thriller, adventure, romantic, comedy, and documentary films.
  4. Meditate and Yoga: Many of us worry that staying at home will put on weight, don’t worry first love your body whether you are fat or thin, stay healthy by doing meditation for inner peace and yoga to keep yourself fit and healthy and last but not least maintain a good diet and drink lots of water to keep your skin glowing and hydrated.
  5. Pamper your pet: If you are an animal lover and love dogs unconditionally then this is the right time to spend and take care more of your dog, as most of the time you cannot give much of your time to your lovable dog amid the office work routine. Pamper your baby by showering more love, give proper diet and groom your dog and play with it.
  6. Gardening: If you are a garden lover then what are waiting for? Go ahead by taking care of the plants by watering them, prepare the soil, plant with care and nurture your garden.
  7. Spend time with kids: Now this is the utmost important thing to do while staying at home, pamper your kids, spend time with them by teaching them new things , play with them and make them busy so that they don’t get bored at home and feel alone especially when you have a single child.
  8. Salon time: Yes, you heard it right! Now you would ask how to spend time at salon when there is no option to go out ?You can do this by sitting at home, take special care of your skin by following home-made natural beauty tips by applying a face mask , hair mask to keep your hair good .Watch online makeup tutorials and try them.
  9. Exercise: Yes, I agree that staying at home makes you lazy and you get up late , but do not do that sleep  early and rise early do exercise at least for 45mins a day to keep yourself fit and healthy.
  10. Stay connected with your friends and social circle: During this time of quarantine also you can always stay connected with your friends and dear ones by calling them and talking to them, you can have video calls and whatsapp chats to make you feel that you are always connected to them by heart and are not alone.

Now I hope by reading this you may be getting some more ideas to keep yourself busy and engaging in this quarantine period. Drop comments in the comments section about your quarantine ideas and how you are spending time.Stay Home , Stay Safe.

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