Though ageing is a natural process everyone has to pass through in their lives, but none of us wants to look older especially the face. Pampering your skin from 30’s is very essential to fight against ageing symptoms like wrinkles, fine lines and pigmentation. Let us see some useful anti ageing tips to maintain the skin and look younger and delay the process of ageing.

Drink plenty of Water: Yes, the more water you drink the more your skin keeps glowing and makes you look beautiful and younger. Staying hydrated makes the skin glow. Drink atleast 8-9 glasses of water.

Moisturize the skin: Moisturizing the skin is very essential because during the ageing process our skin doesn’t produce sufficient amount of collagen which is the key factor in making your skin look healthy and glowing and less amount of collagen production results in making your skin look more flaky, dry and cracked. So regularly moisturize your skin to maintain the glow and moisture on the skin.

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Add Protein to your diet: By adding protein to the diet not only helps you to lose weight but also makes your skin looks healthier and more glowing.

Say no to Alcohol: Alcohol not only deteriotes the health but also responsible for making you look much older than your age. Alcohol dehydrates the body so before taking alcohol think twice.

Healthy food: Eating right diet helps you look younger, diet should include Pulses, carrots, beans, protein, fruits and nuts.

Wash your face before bed: Regardless of whether you wore a makeup or not,having acne or not washing your face before bed is essential so that the pores can breathe and to retain the moisture on your skin, prevent wrinkles and makes your face look fresh.

Proper Sleep: Any adult should have at least 8 hours of sleep per night, when we sleep sufficiently it helps our immune system to function properly and thus making the hormones to function better which indeed makes us look even younger.

Laugh more and more: Yes, we mean it and our elders too .Keep the stress away by sharing more jokes around with your friends and colleagues and it not only reduces the ageing process but also make you live longer.

Apply Sunscreen regularly: Not only in summers apply sunscreen even in winter as well because it will help your skin by keeping it away from ageing more quickly.

Meditation do wonders: Believe it or not daily practicing of meditation will help you with better sleep to reducing anxiety and stress-that can age you like crazy. So do meditation daily and be stress free and look young.

Vitamin B12: Include B12 vitamin in your diet which is found in foods like yogurt, low- fat milk, salmon, fish, eggs, chicken etc…Vitamin B12 deficiency will lead to memory loss and depression, as already said that stress can lead to depression which can result to ageing.

Quit Smoking: As we all know that smoking is injurious to health, apart from developing hazardous diseases like lung cancer , they also contribute to ageing by developing fine lines and wrinkles and make you look old than current age.

No Sodium: Reduce the intake of sodium not only helps in maintaining a healthy lifestyle but also prevents fine lines and wrinkles popping up on the skin , so cut down on the sodium and rather keep your skin more hydrated by drinking water.

Have more sex: Yes, you heard it right in fact it is scientifically proven fact that the couples who have more sex like at least three times a week are tend to look 10 years younger , so have fun in the bedroom.

Hope this article covered some amazing tips of how to prevent ageing process.Know tips about how to lose weight fast.