CoronaVirus is a family of viruses that cause illness to humans like common cold symptoms to more severe diseases like Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS-Cov) and Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome ( SARS-Cov) and Novel CoronaVirus  (nCov).

It  is transmitted between animals and people. Based on detailed study and investigation it is found that SARS was transmitted from civet cats to humans and MERS was  transmitted from camels to humans and there are many other coronaviruses which are which are circulating in animals which have not yet transmitted to the humans.

Common Symptoms  : Till date it is being observed that main symptoms include cold,cough, fever, shortness of breath, respiratory problems and in severe cases it can lead to pneumonia , SARS , Kidney failure and even death.

How did the virus spread?

The virus was first detetcted and spread in Wuhan City, Hubei Province , China. It has now almost spread to more than 112 countries. The official names for the virus are given as COVID-19 and SARS-CoV-2. As, the disease was detected late in the year 2019 so it is given as COVID-19.

How does the virus spread?

The virus spreads through the droplets of a sick person who is affected with COVID-19 or if the infected persons SALIVA can get on other things like their hands, digital devices like mouse , phone , tissue , pens , stairs , cups , door knobs etc.

It is advised to maintain at least  3 feet distance from a person who cough, sneeze as they may be infected from coronavirus . Better to avoid crowds, and mass gatherings because you never know who may be infected from the disease. But, remember that everyone who may cough or sneeze may not be infected from it.

Medicines and Treatment :

Till date there is no medicine available for coronavirus so better to prevent yourself from getting infected by following some precautionary measures to be safe. But, it is to be noted that since the rise of the deadly disease many drug manfactures both large and small like Gilead Sciences ,GlaxosmithKline , CureVac , Johnson & Johnson , Sanofi , and Moderna Therapeutics have been trying to make the medicine for treating the disease.

Precautions to be taken :

  • Wash your hands thoroughly with soap water or alcohol based sanitizer at least for 20seconds so that the virus gets washed away. Specially, under the nails, back side of hands, up to the elbows .
  • Whenever you cough or sneeze do not use hands, instead use tissue paper or wear a mask and immediately throw it in dustbin and wash your hands.
  • Avoid touching eyes ,ear s and nose. It is advised to touch with a cloth so that if you have touched an infected surface also you can wash it off with the soap and the virus cannot spread on to your face.
  • Avoid crowds and shaking hands or touching other persons things.
  • Finally seek medical advice if you are sick and found these symptoms and do not panic.

The Covid-19 has spread to more than 210 countries,of which 2,199,220 people have tested positive including a death rate of 147,745(recovered are 558,080).

Vaccine for COVID-19:

Moderna Therapeutics  has developed a vaccine which is launching a clinical trial by the end of april. 45 volunteers will be enrolled in the initial trial , which aims whether the vaccine is able to generate an resistant to the disease or not and are there any side affects to it. Contrasting the vaccine which are used to treat measles does not use a deceased virus as its stand , instead the vaccine contains a short fragment of genetic material like mRNA generated in the laboratory.

The volunteers will have to take two injections with  a 28- days gap between doses. Following this , the vaccines effectiveness must be tested, although it’s a sight of great relief if it found to be useful and functioning against the virus, meanwhile the researchers will work on other possible treatments .

Hope, the vaccine if it gets approved should be affordable for the public all over the world. Stay safe.

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