Hair Growth is the most concerned topic for anyone as hair is the most important asset to one’s personality,it represents the confidence elegance which adds beauty to an individual. Everyone knows that particularly to a woman hair is a very important asset which can say lot about their personality. By making changes to their hairstyle a woman can represent herself as bold or as simple & soft.

Foods for Hair growth:

Nuts: Nuts always do wonder to your body and as well as for your hair too, nuts like almonds, walnuts and others have nutrients like Vitamin E, vitamin B , zinc and essential fatty acids which result in growth of hair.

Eggs: Eggs are so rich of proteins like vitamin D,B6, B12  zinc,iron.Hence eggs plays an important part of source for growth of hair and make them look shine and bright.

Milk: Milk is full of nutrients which are useful for the hair follicles to grow and making the roots of hair stronger thus resulting less hair fall.

Coconut Oil:  We all know since our childhood that how important is coconut oil for the hair follicles to grow and natural saturated fats  in it which are good for heart.

Coconut Milk: It is the most natural ingredient which is available at your home but gives you the amazing results because it contains lauric acid and also acts a great moisturizer for the hair cuticles.

Spinach: Spinach is the most important nutrient for hair growth and also for weight loss. Remember the Popeye show which tells us about the importance of spinach. It is rich in vitamins namely A, B2, B6, E and also contains iron, manganese, zinc and omega-3 fatty acids to nourish the hair.

Greek yogurt: It is the unsweetened version of yogurt and rich in calcium, nutrients ,Probiotics.

Remedies for Hair growth

Trim the hair: A most common problem of hairfall is split ends , by trimming the hair regularly will help the hair grow faster.

Balanced Diet: A balanced diet not only nourishes and make your skin glow but also it will contribute to hair growth too , diet including spinach , eggs, chicken, milk , berries , beans , fish, oysters will do wonders.

Don’t wash your hair too often : Many think that washing the hair often will contribute to hair growth , but the fact is it’s not infact it may damage your hair follicles.Yes, keeping the hair clean is essential but that doesn’t mean that washing your hair every single day is a proper way , as the hair will become dry and loose the natural oils.Three to four times a week is probably enough to maintain a healthy hair.

Stress: High levels of stress can cause damage to your health and as well as hair. Hair will loose it’s density and volume and make it look malmourished.

Drink more water: Drink more and more water to keep yourself hydrated as well as it do wonders to the hair growth.

Brushing Hair: Do not brush your hair more often as it makes the hair strands weak which will again result in hairfall.

Follow these simple steps and make your hair grow faster and more healthy.Give your feedback in the comment section.

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