The pandemic virus almost affecting the worldwide confirming of 2,292,821 positive cases and 157,670 deaths till now is leaving everyone distraught and terrified and making all of them to desperately wait for the vaccine arrival as soon as possible. Though the governments of all the countries are taking drastic steps like lockdowns, educating and creating awareness among the people for social distancing to  break the chain and to flatten the curve of infection , still  coronavirus is spreading rapidly all over the world and the only preventive and hope to come out of this virus is the “vaccine”.

It is witnessed that after China the Europe countries have affected the most followed by the United States, the first case of the virus in US was confirmed on 21st of January 2020 and drastically overtook china by 26th of March 2020 and as of now by 18th april 2020  the number of cases in US are 726,776 followed by deaths of 38,200 surpassing Italy and Spain of them recovered are 63,936.

What went wrong with Italy and Spain?

Italy and Spain were the worst-hit by the  novel coronavirus are wanting to come back to normal life slowly as the day by day loss of life and affirmed new cases cool down. Battling with the virus for more than a month, the Mediterranean countries are now cooperating with each other to overcome the loss that has occurred and are trying to bring the situation under control.

The death rate in Italy has reached up to 23,227 and the recovered are 44,927 with a total of 175,925 total cases. It is observed that the highest deaths were seen on March 27th with 969 deaths. In the thick of , the healthcare personnels who fought with the pandemic on front lines have lost lives of about 116 doctors, 8 pharmacists and 28 nurses.

Spain is reported with a total of 191,726 cases of them 20,043 are total deaths and recovered are 74,797 standing as the second in recovered after China.

Around 36% deaths are reported from Italy and Spain due to corona around the world. Specialists around the world believe that this situation has occurred due to the late dealings taken by the government, lack of tesing kits, aging populace and both countries social culture.

What is a vaccine?

A vaccine basically protects the humans by training the immune system to identify and attack the virus when it encounters.

When will be the vaccine available?

Almost around 60 drug manufacturing and biotech companies are on the race to develop a vaccine for covid-19. Experts consider that it will take around 12-18 months of time for a vaccine to be available.The vaccine has to go for about three phases of clinical trials which involves pre-clearing trials with animals and then on the humans , it has to undergo many regulatory sanction to get approved, like we can say only 1 among the 10 vaccines is approved based on its safety and effiency before launching in to the market.

Several companies around 60 vaccines have entered for early clinical trials and only one vaccine has entered human trials stage, after china shared the genetic sequence of the virus. Here is the list:

Moderna: This is the US-based biotech firm which was the first to enter the human trials by testing its messenger RNA(mRNA) vaccine in Seattle, Washington on March 16th 2020. It involves 45 healthy volunteers aged between 18-55.This was the first company to skip animal testing trial for this particular vaccine.

Johnson & Johnson: Johnson & Johnson along with BARDA ( Biomedical Advanced Research  and Development Authority) together have committed over $1 Billion of funds for vaccine research and they are expecting to start the human trials by September 2020 and if proven effective promise to make the vaccine available by early of 2021.

Sanofi: It has also collaborated with BARDA and sharing its research and development studies and experience to discover the covid-19 vaccine. It has also declared that it will work together with Translate Bio Company to treat the disease. It will support the company by providing its expertise in vaccine & research and Translate Bio would work on designing and developing the vaccine.

Inovio: Before covid-19 was discovered in December 2019 the company was already working on a DNA vaccine for MERS, this made the company to develop a potential vaccine for coronavirus and is expecting to start its clinical trials by May 2020.

BioNTech & Pfizer: Both the companies are working together to develop the potential vaccine and are in progress to enter the clinical trials by the end of April 2020.

Gilead Sciences Inc: It is one of the popular drug maker which developed the vaccine for hepatitis-c and has also a history of developing the HIV drugs. Around 125 people are receiving care and participating phase 3 clinical trials at University of Chicago and saw rapid recoveries with experimental drug remdesivir.

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