Most of us know how sunscreen is important for our skincare, but the question is how many of you really follow in your day to day skincare regime. Lets discuss about Pure By Priyanka Mineral Sunscreen in detail. So, before diving into the topic about how important sunscreen is to be incorporated, let us know how it helps and protects our skin .

What is Sunscreen?
Sunscreen helps us to protect our skin from the harmful UV rays emitted by the sun due to the depletion of the ozone layer. When the skin is exposed to the sun, the rays damage our skin and thus results in premature aging of the skin, discoloration and causing dark spots.
Thus it is recommended to use sunscreen daily which means even on cloudy days and even if you stay indoors as well.

There are many sunscreens available in the market which can be categorized in two :-
Mineral Sunscreen
Chemical Sunscreen

Out of many skincare brands available in the market, one would definitely hold a special place in producing one of the best sunscreens i.e “Pure by Priyanka” – Indian Skincare Brand which is gaining popularity slowly and coming into the limelight.

pure by priyanka mineral sunscreen

About Pure by Priyanka (PBP) – Myoho :

As the name suggests Myoho means ‘to revive’ according to Buddhist chanting. Pure by Priyanka brand was founded by Ms. Priyanka Sarna whose aim is to manufacture products which helps people achieve healthy skin and hair care by blending both the ancient ayurvedic and modern science with nature derived ingredients.

What the product- Pure By Priyanka Mineral Sunscreen claims for?

Prevents premature ageing
Deeply nourishes the skin
Protects skin from UV rays
Helps in maintaining even skin tone

pure by priyanka mineral sunscreen

Ingredients list:
Uses mainly two natural minerals as active ingredients – Zinc oxide and Titanium dioxide , Sea Buckthorn oil, Carrot seed oil, coconut oil, Beeswax, Shea Butter, Sweet Almond oil, etc. For full details of ingredients list check here – PBP Mineral Sunscreen Ingredients list

Comes in a beautiful transparent small tub.

Mineral sunscreen with SPA 30 & PA++
Creamy texture
Doesn’t leave any whitecast
Dewy finish
You can skip moisturizer
Nourishes the skin
Blends easily
Matte finish
Soft and supple feel on skin

Not sweatproof
Feels heavy on skin
Not suitable for oily skin

If you are not into that much of using chemical sunscreen and prefer the mineral or physical sunscreen, then this is the product you must give it a try for “Pure By Priyanka Mineral Sunscreen“. The main plus of this product is it doesn’t leave any white cast at all, whereas on the other hand most of the sunscreens, even the best of them, mostly leave a white cast.