How does PCOS effect fertility

PCOS is a common health problem effecting 1 out of 10 women now -a -days.It is caused by imbalance of reproductive hormones.Ovaries plays an important role in producing eggs for fertilization and two main important reproductive hormones like Estrogens and Progesterones which are also referred as female sex hormones which are helpful for reproduction.

PCOS can cause missed or irregular periods which can cause

a) Development of Ovarian Cysts(fluid filled sacs) in ovaries.

b) Infertility(inability to get pregnant)

How PCOS can be diagnosed?

Women of child bearing age like 15 to 45 years are mostly diagnosed with PCOS.The women mostly diagnose their pcos at the age of early 20’s to late 30’s as they find it difficult to get pregnant and see their doctor.

Your risk of PCOS may be higher if you are obese and have a hereditary history.

PCOS can be diagnosed by doing several tests that may include:

  • Physical Examination: Your doctor will measure your blood pressure,BMI(body mass index),may look up on your unwanted hair mainly in chin, abdomen,face,thighs.
  • Pelvic Ultrasound(Sonogram):Sonogram can be done for abdomen to check the cysts in ovaries.
  • Blood Tests:May do several tests to see the FSH(follicle stimulating hormone),LH(Luteinizing Hormone),Prolactin hormone.

Can i get pregnant with PCOS?

Yes, one can get pregnant with PCOS, it’s not like that you can’t get pregnant but may face issues in getting pregnant.Pcos can cause problem during pregnancy and may lead to high rates of:

  • Miscarriage
  • Gestational Diabetes

High levels of male hormones(Androgens) effect the development and release of eggs during ovulation.

Women can get pregnant with help of change in their lifestyle which reduces the symptoms of PCOS and fertility drugs.With PCOS you do not ovulate regularly and some may not ovulate at all.

PCOS also result in immature eggs which do not develop properly.

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