A man choosing the ideal partner-someone he can spend his whole life with her, trust her, who can stand for him during his good and tough times, support him, take care of him is one of toughest and most crucial decisions for them which lead to think a lot of time to get to the opinion that yes they are the one! Though there are many more points which men consider for choosing “the one” for them, we have a checklist which most of them look for the qualities they check for in choosing the ideal one.

1. She should be friendly and sociable in nature:

    Men always look for a joyful and friendly in nature woman, as they really love being social and wants their life partner to be the same who can accompany him in his social gatherings with friends and dear ones. For men how his family is important similarly he gives equal importance to his friends and social circle as well, he expects his partner to fend his impression in front of others. Perceptibly, a man should possess the same qualities and give support to his wife with her near and dear ones.

2. Go-getting attitude:

       Not only supporting a man in achieving his dreams and goals, they expect a woman to have her own goals and objectives to reach. The ideal woman is very apparent about her goals and follows it sincerely and works hard for it. It might be either an occupation or passion. Evidently, when a woman is strong determined about her objectives she may be obstinate in nature which could be very annoying for the men, so she should be intellectual enough about how to handle her conflicts.

3. Confidence:

    Men always love a woman who is more clear and confident about her thoughts and actions. It makes them feel that she is capable enough to handle her conflicts and work. A comprehensible and confident personality wins the heart of not only the men but the whole world.

4. Motherly instinct:

    We cannot deny the fact that men’s consider their mother’s as a role model and wish their life partner to be the same. They often search for a woman who resembles and makes him feel his mother in actions like cooking, taking care of him etc. If not now, may be some or other time in future they will have a vision of their future kids and want a perfect woman as a life partner who can up bring his children and take care of them as their own mother.

5. Great sense of humor:

     Yes , you heard it right as women always get attracted to a man with good sense of humor similarly man gets attracted to a woman who can laugh at their jokes and crack jokes as well and make him feel light and stress-free most of the time.

6. Truthful and Honest:

     Men always long to find that someone who they can trust in. Beyond everything, a solid relationship withstands based on trustworthiness and honesty- anything else is futile. Always be straightforward and honest with your man however don’t reveal to him things he neither needs nor has to know. Not to forget whenever he is wrong at anything guide him the proper way by being honest.

7. Who listen to him:

        As we say one of the key points for a fruitful and a healthy relationship is a good listening partner, this especially proves an added advantage when the woman has more of it, because an ultimate life partner will listen’s to one’s concern without reacting too strongly and immediately. This also helps when men lose their control in anger and fight unnecessarily, because both rising with anger is definitely not a solution and may affect the relationship.

8. Affectionate and endearing

     Both affection and intimacy is the center of relationship for a man. They love the partner who shows affection and care towards them, it can be through words or actions like hugging him, holding hands, being protective which can instantly relieve the stress in them and feel more connected to you. Not only women men also like pampering and cuddling when comes to romance and woman who take the initiative in love making can raise the energetic levels of men and drive them crazy and wanting to make love with you.

9. Fit body:

Choosing the ideal partner tough naturally one looks for a good looking one because the first thing which attracts is the physical beauty but that may later decided by matching the wavelength of the relationship , the ideal qualities etc hence does not mean that you should neglect your body, be fit and take care of yourself because you deserve it.

As, we all know that every man has different kind of checklist and opinions in his mind to choose his perfect life partner and incorporating the above qualities in you make sure you are doing for the right man who is worth your love and care and equally treat you with respect and love in the similar way. All the best! Do drop comments in the comment section below, waiting for your valuable feedback.

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